Product details
  • Spraying release agent
  • Bioprotection to expend the minimum sustainability
  • Intelligent spray jet control detects and only sprays when the product is present
  • Up to 4 spray nozzles possible

Weber SprayTech: sustainable, innovative spray technology.

Thanks to the intelligent Weber SprayTech technology, a non-stick agent that is imperceptible to the user is sprayed onto the product so that individual slices of a serving can be removed more easily and without damage. It can be used in a variety of different ways: from strongly adhesive, sticky products, such as cheese or vegan products, to shaved applications or cooked ham. In many cases, Weber SprayTech can perform the function of traditional paper or foil separators and is therefore an environmentally friendly, sustainable alternative to the interleaver. Weber SprayTech can be integrated in almost all current Weber slicer models and is also available for retrofitting existing machines.

The complete software integration make operation and adjustment of the system extremely easy. Operational reliability and efficiency of the system are increased by functions such as spray monitoring and only spraying when a portion is present.

The use of SprayTech technology is particularly exciting for products where it is simply impossible to use paper or foil for separating the individual slices. Weber SprayTech therefore opens up brand-new areas of application. One such example is the use for shaved applications. These ultra-thin slices strongly stick to one another after just a short period of time, and consumers find it difficult to remove them without any damage. Traditional interleaver separators reach their limits with these products. This is where Weber SprayTech comes in. With this technology, even shaved meat slices can be easily separated.

SprayTech can also be used for the application of semi-luxury food or agents that extend the product's shelf life. Particularly the latter, so-called bioprotection, is a promising future technology and an interesting option for both food processing operations and retailers. In addition to extending the expiry date of food products, certain agents also have the property of delaying or even inhibiting the growth of pathogens. This has several positive effects: improved sustainability thanks to less food wastage and greater food safety.

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